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Now for something a little different...please don't be shocked

Some of you might have spotted that I have turned my hand to another genre...this one a little raunchy.  My debut erotic book is entitled "Confessions from the Cotton Fields" (under the name of my alter ego) and is now available to buy from Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats.  Oh and don't forget it is free to those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

This is the jacket blurb for you to make your mind up as to whether it is something that you might enjoy...historical erotic westerns aren't to everybody's taste, but it does have a great storyline too...

"“Confessions from the Cotton Fields” is an erotic historical novel set in Virginia before the American Civil War. It is the debut for the author in erotic literature.

Octavia's life was falling apart. An unfaithful husband, a life that was not what she had dreamed of and now the risk of falling foul of his murderous intent.

She decides enough is enough and the time has come for her to take charge of her own destiny. But freedom comes at a price and her husband would not let her go without a struggle.

An adventure that will cause her to make decisions that will profoundly change her life; to stay and fight or to flee to Ohio, far away from everything and everyone? Will Octavia be able to regain control of Oakley Grove, her cotton plantation and live a happy life?

The breath-taking journey of the protagonist will keep you in suspense until the end."