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Books are to be read and enjoyed and if only for a time, enhance and enrich a person's life.  Books are a form of escape, into another realm, another dimension and bring the reader to a place of unadulterated fiction, to which they can escape.  Watch out current two just might fuel any pre-existing shopping addiction :)

I'm Aiming to enrich your life with the written word, a little humour and a lot more besides.......

Please fill in the form, like my Facebook page or follow me on twitter to keep novella "The Retail Therapist" has recently been revised and added to.  Both my books have been lovingly translated into Italian, by my husband :) and one has now even been translated into French and Poruguese, via Babelcube, with a Spanish version to follow on shortly. 

Books, for your enjoyment!

This is me, sipping and munching in Venice a few years ago.  I might update the photo at some point, but, being a major foodie, I considered that this was appropriate currently.